Mwangolé Credit Card

Mwangolé Credit Card

Temporary increase of the limits for using Credit Cards abroad

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Accepted worldwide

Exclusive service line

Up to 35 days credit

In allusion to the upcoming festive season, the limits for using VISA Mwangolé Credit Cards abroad have been temporarily increased.

Therefore, until January 31, 2022, the limits will be as follows:

Credit limits per Card

Mwangolé Gold Card Kz 2.000.000

Mwangolé Classic Card Kz 750.000

Condições Gerais de Utilização

Mwangolé Gold Card
Mwangolé Classic Card 

Ficha Técnica Informativa

Mwangolé Gold Card
Mwangolé Classic Card  



• Safe way of making payments
• 0% interest for 50 days
• Fast and easy cash withdrawal
• Accepted worldwide
• Very competitive annual fee
• Exclusive customer service hotline

Exclusive suport line : +244 923 120 120

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