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All the members of BFA's governing bodies have the technical competence, professional experience and adequate moral standing to carry out their functions and are bound by strict duties of confidentiality and subject to a set of rules designed to prevent the existence of conflicts of interest or situations of insider trading, so as to comply with the best principles of good management.


The General Meeting is the governing body set up by all of the Bank's shareholders, whose running is regulated under the terms of BFA's Articles of Association: Bank Statutes). For more information see By-Laws BFA .

The Board of the General Meeting has the following composition:

In accordance with the statutes and regulations of the Board of Directors, the Board is composed of an odd number of members (minimum of 7 and maximum of 15, as decided by the General Meeting) who are accountable for electing its Chairman and, if they so choose, one or more Vice-Chairmen.

The Board of Directors has the following composition:


The executive management of the Bank is ensured by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors (CECA), which, in accordance with the articles of association and its own Regulations, is composed of three, five or seven members appointed by the Board of Directors, which appoints the Chairman among them.

Currently, BFA's CECA is composed of 7 Directors:

Currently, BFA's Board of Directors has 5 Support Committees that result from regulatory obligations and good practices of internal governance of banks defined by the international standards of the European Banking Authority - EBA, namely:

The Executive Committee of BFA's Board of Directors has 9 Support Committees to assess, decide and monitor in specific terms the proposals and information relative to the Bank's business and risk management strategy, namely:


The composition and functioning of the Supervisory Board is governed by the provisions of its statutes and regulations. According to these, it is composed of a Chairman and two permanent members, one of whom is an expert in accounting.

The Supervisory Board has the following composition:

BFA's external audit is performed by KPMG Angola, under the terms of the service provision rules defined in Notice no. 09/21 of BNA.

The Bank defends and guarantees that its auditors are independent in compliance with the applicable regulatory and professional requirements, and that their objectivity is not compromised.

In this regard, BFA has incorporated in its governance practices and policies several mechanisms that safeguard the independence of the auditors.