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+ Culture + Christmas

Christmas is love and compassion. It is, more than any time, solidarity. On the 8th, the Iron Palace was filled with the smile of 200 children from various homes who, at a party organized by BFA's Social Responsibility, shone in performances of theater, music, dance and with many surprises. The Christmas Spirit was contagious!

Blood Donation Campaign

Not being indifferent can save a life. Be the hero of this campaign. For all. In 30 minutes you can save a life. Be the hero of this campaign. By the recipient. No pain and no cost can save a life. Be the hero of this campaign. By who gives.

Solidarity BFA Training

Soon we will select the organizations and projects that will be supported by the BFA Solidarity program in 2020. By November 8th, enroll in the training that will help you know how to prepare your institution's application. Don't let the deadline pass!

BFA + Nourish

We arrived in Bié to sign the partnership agreement with the Ministry of Health to implement the BFA + Nutrir project. Together we will tackle the problems of acute and chronic malnutrition, monitor pregnant women and the development of children up to 5 years old, with the aim of reducing child mortality in this province. Social responsibility is to help improve the lives of Angolans. And BFA is succeeding!

Okanautoni Catholic Mission

We are always present in the noblest causes. We went to Cunene to offer a new car to the Okanautoni Catholic Mission. We want to reinforce a journey that has been in existence for over 80 years, supporting children in education and health.

BFA Free Surgeries

BFA Free Surgery has already changed the lives of some children with Hydrocephalus. By the end of the year around 70 will have had access to treatment through the Neurosurgical and Hydrocephalus Treatment Center, one of the institutions supported by the BFA Solidarity Program. Together we invest in health.

More Water, More Life

BFA mobilized its structure to collaborate with the Government to develop concrete actions to help the drought-affected population in Cunene. The “More Water, More Life” Project, in partnership with the Cunene Provincial Government and UNICEF, will contribute to the creation of “Safe Ports” for affected children in Ombadja Municipality, representing an equivalent investment in kwanzas of USD 2 million.

+ Health Huambo

At BFA, the children's day celebrated with the Huambo + Health Project. We brought 100 cribs and 100 vacuum cleaners to the Pediatric Unit of Huambo Central Hospital. We repay the trust Angolans place in us.

Cappri Project

We believe that education is the foundation of the future. Therefore, we signed today with the Ministry of Education, the agreement totaling 243 million kwanzas for the CAPPRI project (Training for Primary Teachers) which, by 2023, will train 49,854 Primary School Teachers.

Solidarity BFA

The 12 winners of the BFA Solidarity Program are determined. This initiative will support projects dedicated to children and young people in the Education, Health and Social and Financial Inclusion categories. To the winners, we leave our recognition: good work!