BFA 2 Million Customers

BFA 2 Million Customers

For Inclusion and Financial Literacy.

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With 26 years in the Angolan market, BFA remains a strong, pioneer and a reference in the national banking system, due to its solidity and management model, with an increasing focus on Clients, on the quality and safety of our service.

BFA has been awarded with the most diverse national and international awards, which distinguishes its exemplary position in the Angolan financial market.

Its main ambition is to be the # 1 Bank of all Angolans and to continue contributing to the sustainable development of Angola.
Our history is closely linked to the development of the financial sector in Angola, based on pillars such as proximity to clients in a transparent manner through constant innovation and quality of service to the community.

BFA reached 2 million Customers, has more than 2,674 Employees and 192 branches (166 Branches, 16 Corporate Center and 10 Investment Center), from Cabinda to Cunene.

We contribute directly and indirectly to the development of the economy, supporting the Government of Angola in the diversification of the economy by offering a range of products and services that contribute to credit enhancement and attractive rates for the productive sector.

In addition to the productive sector, BFA has supported the third sector - with an active social responsibility area, which reflects BFA's commitment to social concern, working in 3 areas such as Education, Health and Solidarity and financial inclusion