BFA Social Fund

BFA Social Fund

The Social Fund was established in 2005 and is very much linked to BFA´s values and commitment to the Angolan community

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The three focus
A wide range of projects have gotten off the ground because of BFA, reflecting a concrete social concern. Through the Social Fund, BFA has developed a number of initiatives with three main focus: Education, Social Solidarity and Health

In recent years, we have invested a great deal in this area in line with the Angolan Government´s efforts to increase the number of children and youngsters in school. In this area, we hope to be able to invest in different projects that will support the growth and education of Angolan youngsters.

Social Solidarity
In this area, we aim to partner with institutions focused on those most in need; especially children, women and the elderly. Furthermore, BFA invests in projects supporting the inclusion of youngsters and women in society and in the labour market, and projects that fight hunger and poverty throughout Angola´s various provinces.

In the area of Health, we look to invest in structuring initiatives that can make tangible improvements to public health; focusing on the prevention of endemic and chronic diseases, combating malnutrition in children and the treatment of conditions for which no treatment exists in Angola.