29 May12:17 PM


Capital Markets

Dear BFA Customer,

Following and in accordance with the definitions of the Council of Financial System Supervisors (CSSF) and the Capital Market Commission (CMC), we hereby inform you of the following:

According to the General Regime of Financial Institutions, the provision of investment services and activities in securities and derivative instruments, until now exercised by Banking Financial Institutions (BFI), will be transferred to Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) linked to the Capital and Investment Market, subject to the supervision of the CMC.

Therefore, all investment services and activities related to the Capital Market will be exclusively carried out by Financial Intermediation Agents, legally authorized by the CMC to operate in the Capital Market: (i) Securities Distribution Companies (SDVM); (ii) Securities Brokerage Companies (SCVM).

The entities authorized to operate in the referred market are available for consultation in CMC's official website (www.cmc.ao). This allows clients to select the entity with which they want to work in the future.

In turn, Banco de Fomento Angola, S.A., with the purpose of ensuring continuity in the quality of its services to its customers, in the referred Capital Market area, has set up "BFA Capital Markets SDVM, SA", Sociedade Distribuidora de Valores Mobiliários (SDVM).

In this context, the Bank will begin the process of migration of custody and securities accounts, and if you have a custody account, you may go to one of its branches to formalise the migration of your custody account.


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