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A Bank Representative performs the duties as a legal official of the Bank as laid down in BNA Notice No 18/22, whose primary role is to provide a feasible and reliable customer service option for clients located in remote areas (with no or limited access to banking services), as well as in urban areas.

The Bank Representatives' core function is to provide support and assistance to the financial institutions in their efforts to promote financial inclusion, attract new customers and enable them to provide basic banking services.

Available services:

  • Account opening
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Account and Balance Enquiry
  • Wire Transfers (interbank and intra-bank)
  • Issuance of duplicate documents

BFA Bank Representatives' Localisations:

  • Bolongongo, Kwanza Norte
  • Cacula, Huíla
  • Bungo e Buengas, Uíge


  • Access to banking services
  • BFA Representation in all municipalities and/or local towns of Angola


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