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Car Loan

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Signing up
1º Visit your nearest Branch and open a Salary Account
2º Apply for a Car Loan at your Branch
3º Submit the required documents to your Branch

• A loan customized to your needs
• Competitive interest rates
• Equal monthly instalments
• Buying a new car through instalment payments
• Customized service

Maximum financing amount

• Up to 85% of the Financing/Guarantee ratio.

Loan Period

• Up to 48 months

Documents required
• Identification documents (ID Card and Taxpayer Identification Number) of the borrower and spouse
Proof of marital property scheme, if applicable

Proof of earnings:

• Statements from employers, evidence of salary and/or proof of other income
• Submission of a commitment letter from Employers to deposit salary payments in a BFA account or, if not possible, a statement from the Client committing to transfer salary payments to BFA on a monthly basis
• Commitment letter from the guarantor
• Executed promissory note: by the borrower, spouse and guarantors

• Guarantor
• Life Insurance: can be contracted at BFA branches
• Car Insurance: can be contracted at BFA branches

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