Access your Bank through SMS.

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Learn how to join BFA SMS and perform key banking queries and transactions on your mobile phone.

Signing up
1º Visit your nearest Branch and open a Cash Current Account 
2º Complete the Sign Up Agreement
If you´re already a BFA NET customer, you can sign up online at 


•  Free sign up
•  Service available 365 days per year, 24 hours per day
•  User friendly
•  Safe and convenient
•  Free incoming messages
•  Outgoing messages charged according to your Operator´s rates 

Available transactions

• Available Transactions Listing
Code: OP

• All Customer Accounts Listing
Code: LC (space) (account number)

• Detailed Consolidated Position Checking
Code: PIC

• BIN/ IBAN Inquiry
Code: BIN (space) (account number)

• Account Balance Checking
Code: S (space) (account number)

• Account Activity Checking
Code: M (space) (account number)

• Exchange Rates Displaying
Code: CB (space) (currency)

To begin using BFA SMS, simply send your SMS to 40404 with the text corresponding to the desired transaction.

If you are overseas, send it to +244 931 040 404.

See the Codes available on BFA SMS. 


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