BFA Kandengue Account

BFA Kandengue Account

Give your children more future.

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Annually Interests

Future Thinking

If you're thinking of your children's future and how you'll afford the expense of education, training and health care, open a BFA Kandengue Account today and start saving.

So easy
1. Fill in this form (branch instruction)
2. Go to your nearest branch
3. Ask to start a savings account

Risk-free savings
Annual interest
Choose an automatic quarterly deposit plan to suit your pocket. You're free to deposit more whenever you like
Instant withdrawals at any time

Interest rate
8% - Annual rate, subject to review on renewal, in line with market rates.

Minimum duration
1 year, automatically renewable

Minimum starting deposit
30.000 AOA

Minimum additional deposit
See the BFA Kandengue Account Campaign on our BFA Channel

Please note: BFA may suspend acceptance of additional deposits without prior notice.

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