Foreign Exchange Customers


Adjusted offer

E-mail operations

Funds transfers

BFA, thinking about its Foreign Non-resident Customers, offers an offer adjusted to their needs and particular objectives, namely, day-to-day management products, savings and investment products, and operations abroad, with some exclusive and differentiating conditions and advantages.

Current Management Products and Services

  • Current Account;
  • Ordered Account;
  • Multicaixa card;
  • Authorization of Instructions by E-mail (IEA);
  • BFA Net / APP.

Savings and Investment Products

  • BFA Super Savings;
  • DP BFA 13%;
  • Increasing DP 18%.


Foreign Operations

Foreign Currency Transfers
It allows you to transfer funds abroad in most currencies. These requests must comply with the Exchange Regulations in force.

  • Salary and Income Transfers;
  • Check on the Foreigner.

Forward Foreign Exchange Transactions
It allows establishing an exchange rate for the purchase of foreign currencies, protecting Customers against the potential increase in value during the commercial transaction.


  • Agility in operations abroad;
  • Possibility of monitoring operations (transfers in foreign currency, financing and credit card statement) by BFA Net;
  • Possibility to negotiate the exchange rate on forward foreign exchange transactions;
  • Possibility of sending banking orders by e-mail;
  • Can be followed up by a dedicated manager.

How to join

Go to an Agency or Business Center closest to you.