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Travel Insurance

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BFA Travel Insurance is personal accident insurance aimed at anyone habitually resident in Angola who travels abroad for a period not exceeding 90 days. The insurance guarantees a compensation in the event of material damage or bodily harm while travelling and also provides a wide range of assistance coverage.


How to apply
On BFA Net
1. Access BFA Net, BFA Net Corporate and select the option Travel Insurance, Calculation from the menu;
2. Insert your details:

  • Travel date;
  • Insured person;
  • Tax number;
  • Name;
  • Date of Birth.

3. Click on Take out Insurance;
4. Payment.
Easy: Sign up without delays or form-filling
Simple: Just show your travel document and identity card
Fast: Get your policy on time


  • Medical costs, if you have an accident or sudden illness
  • Death or permanent disability
  • Medical treatment and funeral costs
  • Temporary incapacity
  • Cancellation or restricted travel
  • Costs of travel disruption and delays

For more information, go to a BFA branch, or phone the BFA Customer Helpline on 923 120 120.
Applying for Travel Insurance has never been so easy.
BFA Travel Insurance
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