Current Account Credit Facility

Current Account Credit Facility

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Request funds whenever you want
The debt does not have to be repaid in full until the end of the term of the current account. However, the customer may repay the loan (in part or in full) before the end of the term. After repayments have been made, the customer may always request further drawdowns, provided the total amount drawn does not exceed the agreed limit.

Signing up

1º Go to your local BFA branch
2º Ask for a current account credit facility contract
3º Hand in the required documents
4º Go to the nearest notary and have the signatures of the signatories to the contract and the promissory note validated and the existence of powers to enter into the contract confirmed
5º Go back to the branch where you started the process and hand in the notarised documents

Ideal for covering occasional cash shortfalls
Flexibility in the timing of drawdowns and settlement
Pay interest only on the amount borrowed and the time for which it is borrowed
Renewable 6-month term

Documents required

  • Memorandum of incorporation of the company, with articles of association
    Commercial register
  • Taxpayer card
  • Instrument of appointment of the members of Management/Board of Directors or power of attorney in favour of the signatory
  • Minutes of the General Meeting/Board of Directors approving the loan request and the guarantees
  • Identity documents of the signatories
  • Blank promissory note, with an agreement on the details to be filled in, signed by the company and the guarantors, if any

* Depending on the situation, BFA may request additional specific documentation


  • Guarantee of the members 
  • Deposit 
  • Mortgage on a building

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