Cash withdrawal at TPA

Cash withdrawal at TPA

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Cardless withdrawal

Better management

BFA makes available in its APTs the Cash Withdrawal option.

With this service, cardholders can perform cash withdrawal operations through their BFA APT without the need to go to an ATM or Bank Agency.


Adhesion Conditions

Corporate Customers with BFA TPAs assigned to the Eligible Sectors.


Eligible Sectors

HORECA (Hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars);
Food Distribution (Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Canteens, Bakeries);
Gasoline Stores, Tobacco Stores, Telecommunications Stores and Utility Company Counters (electricity, water).
Available Operations

1. Purchase with cash withdrawal at TPA;
2. Withdrawal with card at POS;
3. Withdrawal without card at POS.


Note: In the POS withdrawal operations that are not associated with a purchase, with or without card, is charged a Customer Service Fee of 1% of the withdrawal amount, with a minimum of Kz 50.00 (Fifty Kwanzas).


TPA Withdrawal operation limits

 Maximum per day: 150.000 Kz (accumulated value between ATM and TPA withdrawals).



Allows the Merchant a reduction of time and cost related to the deposit of cash in banks.
Increases the security of the establishment, by reducing the volumes of cash on hand.
Receives a commission of 1% of the amount per withdrawal.
Alternative to attract more customers.

Requirements to join the TPA BFA

For more information, contact the BFA Hotline 923 120 120 or your nearest BFA branch.


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