PAC Credit

PAC Credit

We can finance your projects.

Permanent Capitals



Financing up to 90%

Joining Conditions:

Companies involved in the production and commercialization of the basic food basket and other priority goods of national origin, defined in the Presidential Decree no. 23/19, of January 14th.


Use according to the company's needs;
Possibility of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual disbursements;
Possibility of having a grace period in which the Client only pays interest
Reduction of the agreed bank credit interest charges.
Definition of maturity and grace periods adequate to the specific financial cycle of the investment projects.
Reduction of taxes and emoluments based on AIPEX assistance in the use of incentives defined by the law on private investment, linked to priority development zone.

Target Segment

Micro and family-owned companies and cooperatives, Companies and cooperatives in their first year of activity, Companies and cooperatives with more than one year of activity.

Not Covered Clients

Public Administration employees and politic people;
Employees of financing and guarantor entities

6 months to 8 years.

Technical Information Sheet
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Required documents:

Integral certificate of the Commercial Registry with endorsement of the Management or Board of Directors in functions and form to oblige, issued less than a year before;
Minutes of the General Assembly (private limited companies) or the Board of Directors (public limited companies) with approval of the resolution to contract the credit and the guarantees;
Declaration of tax situation;
Social Security tax situation statement;
Any powers of attorney, drawn up by a notary, which expressly mention special powers to contract credit and/or provide guarantees with BFA;
Letter of acceptance of the loan conditions;
Valid personal identification document of the representatives;
If a national citizen: Identity Card;
If a foreign citizen: valid passport or resident card.


Checklist Credit Analysis
Note: the Feasibility Study under BNA Notice 10 /2020 and PAC (including Projects in the agribusiness sector) must contain the elements described in this annex (Checklist - Viability Study).

For more information go to your nearest BFA branch or call the BFA Hotline 923 120 120.



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